Harshal – IIFT achiever talking about role of SPARK in his success and giving tips on CAT prep.

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hello sir
how are you?
fine welcome again to uh spark education services!

you have been an excellent student of spark right and uh first of all let me congratulate congratulate on the success that you have brought you have been selected your final selection is into iift one of the most sought after b schools in india right, so congrats once again thank you so i would like to know now uh the role of spark in your success uh i would say spark has major you know role in my success throughout because uh i have joined the spark when there was uh offline classes was that correct yes yeah so before pandering correctly yes after completing my course over there i actually uh guided by very well by all the faculties from the spark and they actually motivate me to go into better position so, i took a risk after discussion with all the faculties they guided me so well and i’ve taken a chance again and now in the online what you wanted to probably say that you had joined spark for cat 2019 yes sir right and it didn’t go well but then you continued taking coaching with us and and then you discuss with us and then we told you to take the take the chance and you again took care 2020 but for cat 2020 we uh took the online classes right right and i think this particular you know whatever we did there is particular thing that really paid off really very well yes i got into one of the best b-schools, so i would like to know see um iift particularly ift exam is a bit different from the cat exam right so what what sort of tips you would like to give to our students who are students of cat 2021 right so those who have.

there are some students who keep who have the ifta apart from the top biscuits right some people in fact prefer ift even even uh some of the uh i am right so so so what do you think what should they keep in mind when it comes to preparing for the ift specifically yes sir uh ift even though most of the syllabus is uh you know matching to the cat examination but it has some elements which are different for example requires time management because for all the sections one has to attempt and one has to clear basic minimum cutoff along with that they have to clear overall correct plus it has a gk section which is additional to our previous preparations so uh one has to keep track of all these things and i would recommend that for example if one is currently into spark he should now listen carefully to whatever our faculty says because it helped in at the time of examinations all the classes all the discussions help at that immediate point when one stuck at the problem correct anything anything for the GK how did you prepare for that yeah we had this dedicated whatsapp group so what extra did you prepare for the team would i would say actually a regular reading of that whatsapp group really helped me a lot because uh we currently not understand what is their impact just one or two articles uh at that point but when it comes to exams automatically you click all those points so i would say uh that whatsapp group is uh very much helpful apart from that daily and reading of newspaper also helps correct.

Now let us quickly come to the um ift uh you know post exam part the post exam selection process which is the post uh the person interview and group discussion if there are if there was any and um uh writing assessment which is acid right yes plus plus the ift form itself is quite long okay we are supposed to write a lot of things uh in the if2 form so and and i remember i guided you on every step okay i should not really post about this i have been doing this for many many years but um so so let me know uh about those things as well right the feeling the feeling in the form and the uh you know personal interview everything yes and how how your interview really went well it went well i knew that but how you had prepared for that yes sure uh i will start from the first uh i would say clearing the exam is the one thing but a real battle starts after the clearing the exam right because uh ift has a kind of state of art procedure that they follow and it is said that it is one of the most difficult ways to get into the college so i had this year instead of gk gd we had extempo which is a kind of speech we have to talk on the spot for three minutes and uh had pre personal interviews and written abilities test so uh for that preparation i have actually uh continuously in touch with the faculties of uh spark uh sir actually sheri sir actually guided me very well on the written ability test part because he used to check my grammatical mistake and the flow of thoughts also i would say for pi and extreme poor they have conducted exclusive sessions for me and which really helped me during my d-day and my own personal interview experience i would say i have uh continuously prepare day by day and i haven’t i haven’t put any gap in any day while preparing so cumulatively automatically knowledge built at the back and on the day i could able to trigger that you you had a prior experience right yes so did you face experience related questions in the interview experience yes sir i would say 33 percent of my questions were experienced related as i was very good at other questions so they had to come down to my experience and check that part correct correct and do you remember the extreme topic uh yes sir i it was about ott platforms for proliferation in india yes correct and then reading really helps even in these these type of tasks you know extreme problem extempo a bit of writing assessment test and beat interview as well because even during the interview you know the interviewers especially the ift interviewers ask a lot of questions related to what is happening around us correct right so you also must have faced similar situations so do you remember any particular question uh uh yes the interview yes yes actually i was being asked a lot of questions about japan its economy yes sir correct it’s economy it’s trade relation with india then i uh about the rare earth metals and electric vehicle industry all over all these topics are hard burning topics in current scenario and knowledge about this really helped me to crack the interviews good and i remember now i remember that i told you that since uh you had been to japan once and you are going to make you are going to mention that i told you to read everything about japan and even our practice interview sessions as well i had asked a lot of questions from japan so this overall preparation really helps yes okay so thank you thank you very much for sharing your experience with all the viewers here right uh we hope that you will continue to do well even in the ift all the best to all your future interviews thank you very much thank you spot thank you!


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